Samarita - Respicio Wedding

The entourage is amazing. Your wedding dress is fascinating. All seems to be perfect! But hey, isn't it your occasion and that you should be the one accepting praises not your props? Outshine all the splendours. Let your beauty reign on top - beauty that is in the simplest form yet fabulously portrayed. Captivate everyone as the love inside you glitters and lights up. Love never felt so good - especially in the arms of your man at the altar. Soft pastels is Aya's wedding theme at the Waterfront Insular Hotel. A never ending word of thanks to all who made this happy-ever-after event a huge success, especially to: Rodel Macatangay for the gowns and Kent Lazarraga for the photographs.

Claudio - Duritan Wedding

Everyone is smiling. Happiness is in the atmosphere. You are so excited yet so tense. You can even hear your own heartbeat like music. "How do I look?" This is your thought. But with us, you never have to ask. For the crowd will let you know how stunningly elegant you are. Elle is at her best at The View and Marco Polo Hotel. Credits to all the people who made this occasion magnificent especially to: John Vega of Limited for the gowns and Kent Lazarraga for the photographs.

K Davao Couture

Colors combined in techniques, added by stunning hairstyle plus attitude is a picture perfect look! Have yourself reflected in a mirror and see a different you! This is K Davao Couture's display of portraits. With the evening gowns, everyone is astonished as every model showcases all the creations. Kudos to: Erwin Lee Tan of K Davao Couture and Paul Borromeo of LeadFoto Studios for the photographs.